Tomato Jam and Blue Cheese Crackers

Tomato Jam is one of my favorite jams… it have a deep red color, thick and sweet, with a perfect hint of cinnamon and lemon…

Delicious with bread and crackers and over butter or cheese!

One of favorite way of enjoy this little piece of haven is with blue cheese on a multi-grain cracker with fresh oregano leaves!


Here is my recipe… adapted from my Mother’s recipe…

4 lbs of ripe tomatoes

2 lbs of white sugar

1 lemon peel

1 to 2 cinnamon stick(s)

2 cloves

Step by step:

Clean and peel the tomatoes.

Note: The best technique to peel is to make 2 small incisions (like a cross) in the bottom of the tomato and place it in hot but not boiling water for 30 sec followed by chilled bath in water and ice. 

Cut the tomatoes in chunks and add them to a thick bottom pan (like a cast iron pan).

Add the sugar, the cinnamon sticks, lemon peel and cloves.

Mix all the ingredients until the sugar coats uniformly the tomatoes.

The jam should be cooked slowly over low to medium heat.

Stir the tomatoes once in a while to avoid the jam to burn in the bottom.

The jam will become ticker as the water evaporates and after 3 to 4 hours test its doneness.

Note: to test if any jam is cooked, place a spoonful into a place and run the spoon through the jam like if you were making “road”. If the jam returns to the original form right away (cover the “road” made) cook the jam a little longer and test again. If the “road stays open” and the jam stays on its sides then your jam is ready!

Once the jam is cooked, let it rest for a 15 to 30 minutes and prepare the jams for storage – wash them in warm water with soap and sterilize them. Fill the jars and stored them.

Alternatively, the jam can be stored frozen in glass jars or plastic containers.


  • The tomatoes can be “drained” overnight. With this I mean, once the tomatoes and cleaned and peeled, the tomatoes can be placed on a stainer to remove the water leaving just the flesh of the tomatoes. The benefit of this step is to reduce the cooking time.
  • The seeds can be taken out when the tomatoes are being peeled. I personally like the seeds…

2 thoughts on “Tomato Jam and Blue Cheese Crackers

    1. Thank you Juli for your kind words! It means a lot for me…
      I am sure that there is a culinary term for the “road point”. This is the way that my Grandma and my Mother test their jams… and how everyone from those generations have been testing their many jams… nothing like knowing by experience!

      Toasted bread with a generous layer of butter also goes well with this jam… and a nice cup of coffee. I also liked on Portuguese Corn Bread (Broa de Milho) and you can forget about the butter because the two of them marry perfectly…
      When it comes to cheeses… any one will work well but the sharper the cheese is the better. The sweetness from the Jam pairs well with the salty from the cheese…


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