Poached Egg over Spinach and Tomato

I am a breakfast person! I love to eat breakfast and I have discovered a whole new world of breakfast food since I got to the US. With the “normal” busy work schedule having a decent breakfast during the week is a privilege… weekend breakfast in the other hand, open room for elaborate creations and enjoyment on every single bit!

Poached egg is one of my favorite breakfast foods! From the simple poached egg with salt on a piece of bread to the fancy Eggs Benedict! Although poached eggs can seem hard to  prepare… it is not that complicated! and the reward is that warm and delicious yolk cooked to perfection!

My very 1st attempted to make them it was … well… catastrophic! But I love them sooo much  that I had to find the best way for making them! Depending on your source there are many different ways of poaching eggs:

  • adding white vinegar to the water – so the eggs whites don not diffuse to the water while cooking
  • water vortex – I still do not fully understand why the water vortex will help…
  • the egg poacher device – it looks like a flat strainer where the eggs sits on while cooking
  • silicon egg poacher – a little silicon cup that goes into the water and where the egg is deposit to cook.

After trying the first two techniques (separately and together), I found a much simple way of achieving the end goal: removing the excess egg liquid and just poaching the most cohesive part of the raw egg. This way the egg does not dissipate in the water and works in 4 minutes.


Poached Egg over Spinach and Tomato


  • 1 eggs
  • 10 to 12 leaves of spinach (no steams)
  • 1/2 tomato (in slices)
  • 1 slice of your favorite artisan bread
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • salt and pepper
  • grated Parmesan cheese

Step by Step:

Make your poached egg as described below. While the egg is cooking, melt the butter on a skillet or frying pan slowly.

Slice your bread and add it to the skillet to toast – alternatively you can toast your bread in your toaster – and turn the bread after 2 minutes.

At the same time, add the washed spinach and the slices of tomato to the frying pan. After a minute or so turn the spinach leaves around and flip the tomato slices.

At this point, your eggs will be ready, remove them from the water and let them dry in the strainer (just to remove the excess cooking water) and start assembling your ingredients by the following order:

Bread, Tomatoes, spinach and finally the poached egg

Add a little salt and pepper on the top of the poached egg and it is ready!

If you want to dress it up… Add some grated Parmesan cheese and some dry parsley leaves!


Poached Egg Recipe:

Select a pot big enough for the number of eggs that you will be cooking – wide but not too deep.

Add enough water to cover the eggs (2″ roughly) and let the water get closer to the boiling point.

When the water get to a gentle simmer, crack the egg into a fine mesh strainer (like a tea strainer) and let me set for a minute or so – I use a cup where I sit the strainer on. You will see the liquid part of the egg will pass through the strainer.

Bring the egg inside of the strainer carefully closer to the boiling pan and gently transfer the egg from the strainer to the pan as close to the surface of the water as possible to avoid the egg to burst.

Cooked for 4 minutes (1 to 2 additional minutes if you wish) and gently remove the cooked eggs with a wider strainer (like the spider one) and serve immediately.



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